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Atticus Grafton Corwin

Born: Sept 23, 2000 @ 8:16pm Pacific
Height 20½ "  Weight: 6lbs 11oz.

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Sam had had just returned our house from dropping her Mom off at her place (she had been watching the girls for the afternoon while I went to a culinary class and Sam got a pedicure) when she got the call that we were picking her up again in a little bit. Sam was in labor.

I knew things were getting close to the time that we needed to go because Sam started to put away the dishes, starting new dishes, cooking the girls dinner, feeding the cats and telling me I needed to change the sheets on the bed. Yup, this was no drill, it was time.

Knowing that the last time she gave birth (to Savannah) I figured that she had a little bit of time, but that I shouldn't dilly-dally. I called Sam on the cell phone after picking Grandma up (I'm now about 15 minutes away from the the house and another 15 to the hospital) when I called to see how things were going. And I might be paraphrasing here but I think she said "OOOOOOOHHHHHHH SHHHHHHIIIIIIII AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRBHHGGGGGHHHH, Damn, my water just broke!"

This is where the laws of physics would have been broken had the could, but instead I broke every other (traffic) law in the State of California getting to the house and then getting Sam to the hospital.

Coincidences: As is normal for me, I had the local classical music station playing on the radio. No joke- during my race back home to Sam I realized that the William Tell Overture was playing!

I called ahead to the hospital and told them that she was on her way in and that they had better have a bed ready for us when we get there. The things that Sam said to me in the car on the way there is probably something that should remain between couples, but I'm pretty sure that if I don't see a vet by years end, it might be my end.

I got her to the hospital, we got the room, the doctor arrived and 6 minutes after walking in through the doors- our son was born. He weighs 6lbs 11oz and is 20.5 inches tall (lanky as can be).

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Let us know what you think: Basketball player (tall), Stock Broker (fast to come out and seal the deal), or President (he's got huevos)

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