Please welcome Genevieve Marie to our beehive.

7 lbs 10 oz

19.5 inches


July 10, 2009

We are really getting excited about the baby. With Christian being potty trained, I have a couple of weeks of no diapers. Although, diapers are a bit easier at this

We still don't know the sex, but we do know the head is down and it is looking great for a natural birth. I have been having contractions, but nothing major. I am hoping the baby will come within the next couple of weeks.

The weather has been coorperating with afternoon clouds to keep the house and our bedroom cool, instead of an oven.

We have finally chosen names. If boy, Grant Jewens and if girl, Genevieve Marie. Sweet Pea is kicking a lot and makes my entire belly move.

Currently I am 1.5 cm dialated and 60% softened. My next appointment is Tuesday, the 14th and can give you an update then.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

2 am: Rumblings started very softly. But I had a feeling then that the birth might happen this day.

4 am: About to wake up Karl to let him know that I was about to go into labor. Karl starts to go into the shower and get dressed for work, when I tell him, "no, I am in labor, honey".

5 am: Nextdoor neighbor, Kristen gets a call from us asking her to come over to get Christian, so we can go to the hospital.

5:30 am: Arrive at hospital. Starting to have major pains with contractions happening about every 4 minutes. Walk to Birthing room and get ready for some fun.

6 am: Have ultrasound done to make sure head is down. As we are trying for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). Good news was found and we start preparing for birth.

7 am: Went from 4 cm to 10 cm by 9 am. Praying for epidural, had to get a shot of pain relief, for the contractions were off the chart and the pain was fierce. We are trying to get ahold of my OB, since Dr. Catrina Bubier wanted to be the one who delivers, but it was her day off, so no one could get her on the phone. Luckly, Dr. Watt is on-call, my second favorite doctor in the practice.

8 am: Epidural is administered and relief is soon on its way. Take about 45 minutes for the drugs to fully kick in.

9 am: Waiting for the shoe to drop and get told that we are going into surgery, but then we are able to start pushing. The baby's heart rate goes down when pushing, leading the nurse and doctor to believe cord is around neck or elsewhere, so we had to push every other contraction.

9:15 am: IV falls out and have to get another one put in, but my temperature was 95 degrees and finding a vein was difficult. After 4 tries, another one is successful and pushing begins again.

9:42 am: With a huge mirror aiming in my direction, I get to see the whole birth. What an amazing journey. Genevieve Marie comes out as gorgeous as ever. I was the first to yell out "Oh my, its a girl. I get my Genevieve".


Having Genevieve was a great experience. I had a doctor's office dedicated to VBACs. I was so afraid that the baby was going to flip and my chances of having a VBAC were out the door. But because of the dedication and understanding of my OB, I was able to feel confident and happy about my chances to deliver. My son was a delight to have and having a c-section was not at all a bad experience. But the recovery has been so much easier and fun. I have been lucky to have such wonderful experiences and quick recoveries for both births. And to have one of each now is a blessing.

I have everyone to thank for their support and understanding about wanting a VBAC. I am very lucky to have neighbors who care so much that they are willing to come over to our house to take our son while we gave birth. A sister who answers her phone whenever I call. A mother who makes you laugh. A mother in law who is so caring. A dad who helps me through lawn disasters, 4 days before, and a grandpa who loves coming over and playing with his grandson! A loving family who is always there for me.

I am so lucky to have the most amazing OB & peditrician, who make me feel like the mother of the century everytime I talk to them.

And most importantly, a husband, who loves me and supports me in decisions other men who hate to deal with. And even though he was cranky for a couple days after birth, comes through at the end and is so kind and helpful!





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